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Budget Service


History of Thames Budget Service

The Thames Budget Service has been in existence for more than 25 years, in one form or another.

Originally the Service was started by members of the Dovell family to help those known to them with their financial management.  A need was recognized and the service was formally founded as an Incorporated Society.  

In 1995, due to falling volunteer numbers and a struggle to maintain a solid management structure, the service came under the “umbrella” of the Thames Baptist Community Ministries, subsequently Ebenezer Community Trust (in September 1996). The Trust provided a legal identity and a means to rebuild the volunteer numbers and client base.  

The service remained an independent unit within the Trust for 6 years.  

In July 2000 the Thames Service took over the administration of the Paeroa Budget Service as a satellite service.

The Thames Budget Service has grown and expanded over the last few years and became again an Incorporated Society, in September 2000.  

Since the 1st July 2001 it has been a self-contained stand-alone service, which continues to offer an efficient and consistent service to the people of Thames/Paeroa and the Hauraki Plains.

Meet our people

We've got plenty happening and are helping everyone caught up in the cost of living crisis.

Look out for our soon-to-be relaunched pages.


Our Thames Budget Service team!

"I didn't want to visit WINZ, however my Financial Mentor came with me as a support person."

"My Mentor clearly explained the negatives of going bankrupt and found another way of paying my debt by talking to my creditors and making a plan together."

"I got a lot of ideas that I can use to save money I want to own my own home."

Thames Budget Service is one of more than two hundred independent organisations that provide free and confidential budgeting advice under FinCap.

FinCap is non-government organisation which supports free financial capability and budgeting services in their work.

Find out more about Budgeting Services in NZ and FinCap here

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