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What to Expect
What to Bring


What should I expect?

When you come into Thames Budget Service you'll be greeted by our helpful Budgeting Coordinator. Then you'll meet with one of our friendly experienced Financial Mentors.

Your first meeting usually lasts for about an hour.

Your conversation and any documents you provide us are absolutely confidential.

You are welcome to bring a support person if you'd like. Children are welcome to come with their parents.

We will walk beside you and support you - not tell you what to do.

Don't expect...

Don't expect to bring money - our service is totally free.

Don't expect any judgement - we are non-judgmental. 

What should I bring?

It's really helpful to bring (if applicable) your,

  • current bank statements

  • credit card statements

  • hire purchase documents

  • loan details

  • court fines

  • latest phone and power accounts

  • mobile phone plan costs

  • latest TOTAL OWING on each debt

And anything else you think would help us to work out your current financial situation. 

We understand it can be overwhelming..! But getting a clear picture of the situation is the first step to getting you to a much better - and less stressful - financial position.

Our experienced Thames based Financial Mentors will work together with you, to help you achieve your money goals.

Budget Worksheet Form

This is the Budget Worksheet form (PDF printable version) we use to help create your budget. Together with your friendly Financial Mentor, we'll help work out your income and expenses.

You can get an idea of what the form looks like below, or even print it out the PDF and start filling in if you like. 

However, we'll provide a print out of the form at our Pollen St office and go through it with you in our meeting, so it's not essential for you to print it out. 

Fincap Budget Worksheet.jpg

 "The good people at Thames Budget Service arranged a power credit and I now have a plan to keep myself out of debt."

"My Financial Mentor discouraged me from using my Kiwisaver for paying debt and suggested another way."

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